Twitter … I’ve clicked!

I have finally got the value of twitter! Enjoying the immediate responses on current issues. Shouldn’t really admit that I used it while watching the Bachelor … But where I have found it really useful is being able to link through to articles, other commentary and even audio files on a current event. The recent resignation of mark weldon from mediaworks was very interesting on Twitter. Felt that I had quickly got the full range of views and opinions. 

SO can really see the attraction of the immediacy and can see how students might like this. 


Foray into digital learning #mosomelt

Meeting at AUT North Campus with my health law and ethics colleagues, Professor Kate Diesfeld and Amanda B Lees, and our expert from the Centre for Learning and Teaching at AUT.  We are examining opportunities for nnovative and digital learning for the 21st century. There are so many new opportunities and technologies available since when I was learning at university. The key now is how to use them to enhance the learning experience for our students. 

Through participating in this cMooc this year I would like to examine alternative methods of proving content to students, eg, flipped classroom ideas. I would like to understand tools available to enhance student engagement in learning including greater student discussion and exploration. Alternative means of assessment will also be considered.